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Aaahhh, my trust in the absentee vote has been restored. After the answer to my second attempt to apply for an absentee ballot was confined to a new, empty application form, I had my doubts whether that meant I should apply again or whether that was a form to be used for the next election. Everything turned out well, though. My concern around the procedure owned by the DoD proved to be unfounded. The ballot has finally arrived, and I’ll cast my vote tomorrow!

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Responsibility Has No Borders. Vote!

Today’s title was the winning slogan in the DoD’s Federal Voting Assistance Program slogan contest of 2005. Guess what, I just filled out my FPCA Voter’s Registration and Absentee Ballot Request.

In 2000 I (having lived abroad for a very long time) didn’t think it would matter and lateron smacked myself more than once for it. Is it a coincidence the winning slogan to make overseas voters make use of their right comes from Florida?

In 2004 I didn’t think it would matter.

Now, after a couple of days of blogging and blogosphere experience, I am convinced that every single voice counts. This time, I won’t even let myself be warded of by a field in the form where some states may require you to fill in your kind of race. I am not going to miss my chance next year.

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