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IDM-IDE ported to NB 7.2.1

A friend and former colleague asked me whether I could help porting identitymanageride to a recent version of Netbeans, after he had been told that there would be no more investment in that tool from Oracle. Thought I would not get to it after just having picked up a new job and landing right in the middle of an ambitious customer project.

Turned out, it was not as much effort as I had anticipated from the long time the code had been unattended. And so, there it is: Your IDM-IDE plugin for Netbeans 7.2.1, essentially just a port plus two minor bug-fixes (one to avoid an AIOOB exception when trying to save a project as an internal repository project without server configured in Netbeans and one to address issues with XPRESS breakpoints and the UI XPRESS editor by removing the breakpoints if the UI editor changes the XML.) Enjoy!

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New Job, New Web-Sites

I don’t often blog about work-related things considering this blog more my personal, private outlet. So, it’s almost like having followed a tradition to not have blogged about the recent change of my position. I won’t do it now, either — there is just too little to say, now, or too much. Suffice it to say, that I’m busy and excited, and that it’s the first time that developing open source software is a considerable part of what I do for my living.

Those who know me, will know that I was at a time involved in the IDM-CBE. Now, maybe history does move in circles after all, or spirals (and this time I’m inclined to say upwards.) Now, I’m working on the Identity Manager IDE here and there.

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