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Saving Form Data in Adobe Reader, on a Mac … even if Adobe tries to keep me from doing it

So, for some reason, Adobe does not want users to fill in form data in PDF files and save the modified copies. Alright, fine, there may be a good reason for that (probably something to do with money) … but we wants it, anyway, precioussss.

Now, being on a Mac, my natural reflex was to go “Print->Save As PDF…”, but alas …

Can't Save As PDF

Can't Save As PDF

*sigh* … let’s try “Print->Save As PostScript…” …

Can't Save As PostScript

Can't Save As PostScript

OK, Adobe really means it, Google to the rescue? Well, almost, or kind of. Google knows this page, but unfortunately it suggests “Save As PostScript…”. Been there, done that. I’m guessing somebody at Adobe has read that blog, too, and decided to stop people from trying that. Now what?

People have suggested using a PDF printer or a printer the driver of which allows redirection to PDF. Of course, I didn’t see why I should have to go to that extra length, when printing the file must spool it somewhere. So, here’s an alternative solution which I considered simpler, as it requires no additional software/driver.

  1. Have a printer installed on your Mac with the generic PostScript driver
  2. Suspend the printer
  3. Print filled-out PDF to suspended printer
  4. Look at the contents of /var/spool/cups with administrative permissions (e. g. from a Terminal in a root shell … sudo, etc. … you know the routine)
  5. Copy the file starting with “d” (e. g. d00186-001) to somewhere the regular user can access it and make sure the user has permission
  6. As the regular user open the file with Preview and watch the file (that originally was a PostScript file) be converted to PDF (ref. here)
  7. Save at your discretion

And I’m fairly confident Adobe won’t be able to prohibit that *rolls eyes*

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Thanks, VirtualBox, for OpenGL support

When an old friend of mine asked whether we wanted to try and play a bit of “Neverwinter Nights” again, I had accidentally just read that the game is available on Mac, too, and I embarked on an odyssey to get this to run.

Of course, I still had my whole old NWN Linux installation backed up. So I extracted that again. I imagined, I would just get the latest patch from Bioware, extract the Mac binaries, copy them over and be done with it. That, of course, would have been too easy. I did get the latest patch and extracted the Mac OSX apps. However, they wouldn’t run. Turned out, I needed some specific libraries from the MacSoft version of the game. The Mac game is no longer for sale, and quite contrary to prices for the PC versions, prices for used Mac versions are pretty high on ebay. So I found the old NWN Tech Demo on the Internet and copied the “Bink Carbon Library” to my NWN directory and the libraries in the miles/ directory to my miles/ directory. Lo and behold, the game would start, I was overjoyed … for a while.

A while later it turned out, the game did not run reliably. It took up the habit of crashing on me in the most inconvenient situations. I died a couple of times on both “Forgotten Realms Cormyr” and “World of Greyhawk” because the game crashed when I was almost done with some heavy fighting, myself almost spent, I then couldn’t get a connection again for an hour or more, and eventually got back right into the dungeon nearly dead with all the monsters respawned. No fun at all!

So before diving deeper into any action, I resolved to get a more stable gameplay experience. I tried researching the crash, but all the CrashReporter told me was that it was some sort of rosetta problem. I completely replaced rosetta with the original Leopard CD version. That, at first, seemed to help, but after a while I was getting the same crashes. Then I tried wine, with or without the NWN Wrapper off http://nwn.bioware.com . No luck there.

Finally, I thought, why not use VirtualBox? After all, VirtualBox does have OpenGL support. So, another attempt:

Install Linux on my recently updated VBox 3.0.8. I only had a gutsy CD ready, so I used that. Installation done, VirtualBox guest additions installed (with message about too old a kernel for DRI), glxgears showed smth., fire up nwn and … the complete VM crashed … wow!

So back we go to the VirtualBox documentation to find that OpenGL support requires kernel version 2.6.27. Gutsy’s way too old. I update to hardy, to intrepid, reinstall the guest additions and glxinfo shows OpenGL version 2. Try nwn again … the VM crashes again. That with the docs saying OpenGL has been tested on ubuntu 8.10 (though glxgears was a lot smoother, now.)

Before giving up completely, I upgraded to 9.04 without much hope. I reinstalled the guest additions again, for the sake of completeness fired up nwn, and … IT WORKS!!!

I’ll test this some more and come back with good settings.

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