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Freedom can be Puzzling

On a lighter note:

Been digging up my old “Rage Against the Machine” CD and listening to it while driving home from work, today. Fifteen years have passed since that CD was published but it hasn’t lost any of its coolness, though maybe I’m just getting old.

The song that really struck me again was “Freedom”. Listening to it was like this (song lyrics set in italic, my thoughts in normal font):

Brotha, did ya forget ya name?
Did ya lose it on the wall
Playin’ tic-tac-toe?


Yo, check the diagonal

Check what?

Three million gone
Come on
‘Cause you know they’re counting backwards to zero

And that definitely sounds like something bad is going to happen afterwards.

The environment exceeding on the level
Of our unconsciousness


For example

Ah, nothing beats a practical example for explaining things.

What does the billboard say?
Come and play!, come and play!
Forget about the movement

Oh, now that’s what I call a thorough explanation of how the environment is exceeding on the level of our unconsciousness.

And the moral is?

Being cool and politically correct doesn’t protect you from talking complete gibberish at times.

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