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On the Crest of the Wave

“On the Crest of the Wave? Oh cool, a surfer’s blog,” you may think … I’m afraid, you couldn’t be much more wrong.

The title alludes to an essay by William Golding originally published in the Times Literary Supplement. In that essay he attempts to outline his own philosophical outlook to his contemporaries when he was commonly charged with being a defeatist primarily for what he wrote in his most famous work the Lord of the Flies.

Naturally, that latter book provoked such responses because the general belief at the time in man’s perfectibility contrasted heavily with Golding’s emphasis on the fallibility of man not as one possibility among many but as the general tendency of man’s existence, as the entropy of human culture. But, of course, it was more realistic than anything else, and there is hardly any work of fiction that is a more accurate embodiment of the theory of fascism than the Lord of the Flies. So, if you have not understood the theory of fascism in school, read Golding. And if you still don’t understand what happened in the first half of the last century, and if you still don’t realize that something of the kind could happen again anywhere, anytime (maybe is happening right now in some remote corner of the world without oil reserves and news coverage) because it was based on fundamental, anthropological mechanisms, read it again! And if you’re still not quite there, drop me a line and I’ll send you a paper I worked on in a former life. Also, Golding was not saying that there is this human entropy and we should therefore all jump off a bridge. Instead, and this is where we return to On the Crest of the Wave, he later explained that if there is one thing that bears a slim chance of allowing us to stem the tide that is building to wash us from the face of this planet, it is a permanent, honest scrutinizing of ourselves and the understanding we may gain from that.

All that serves as one source of inspiration for this blog. I do believe we need to look into the mirror at all things human more often and more scrutinizingly. If we see something wrong, we need to say it is wrong loudly and clearly without fear of being called a defeatist. And because there have been times when I felt like smashing my head against a wall for seeing something blatantly wrong and blogging is much more beneficial to one’s health, I intend to resort to smashing my head against the keyboard only to make words fall out and onto this page.

Have no fear, dear reader, that all my posts will be as serious, though. There are a couple of other things like my work as a consultant in the Identity Management space, my involvement in the open source project xvidcap, and last but not least the new things you learn every day as a father of a four year-old girl will undoubtedly resonate here.

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