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A Day Out

Well, actually it wasn’t a full day, but look at the weather!

The forecast predicted rain in the north and sun in the south of Hesse, and the fun thing with Frankfurt being right in the centre is that you never know which forcast applies, if they say something like that. This time we were obviously in the south and enjoying it at the Dippemess.

Also, if you’re thinking you’ve seen the chair-o-plane pictures from me, before, you’re prolly thinking of the following one. The above are brand new, although the ride is actually the same. The older picture was taken at the Laternenfest in Bad Homburg, which is later in the year.

Wellenflug 1

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Nerdy Instagram and Hip Hipstamatic

Not one of my more sophisticated blog-entries, but I just had to share this *wipes a tear from his eyes, still chuckling*

Nerd Girl started using Instagram, is such an artist

Nerdy Girl

Couldn’t have phrased what I felt after recently reviewing part of the flood of hipstamatic or instagram pictures on image sites more precisely. Although, I have to admit to having tried to mimick the effect, myself, albeit completely without either app.

Fake sign in front of fake Berlin Wall

Double Fake

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Computer technology, these days, is awesome! You know, compared to what I used to be able to do with my VIC 20, we’re not just living on a different planet, it’s an entirely different universe. Sometimes, however, it’s funny to be reminded of how easily, even given all the computing power we carry around with us each day, our antiquated human brain can outperform our IT with some tasks.

My most recent reminder was finding a couple of pics from my test of iPhoto, a while back. I really couldn’t be bothered to be bashing iPhoto or its face recognition feature, nor the one that Picasa has gotten, meantime. I don’t use those features, myself. I really don’t want my computer to know who is on a picture and where and what people look like. Call me paranoid? Be my guest. Tagging, I do use. And with people’s names, too. The reason for that is to allow me to filter my photos by people. But then it’s really up to me to know who of the group of people in the picture is who. Yes, it’s more work than if the computer did it on its own. But then, I may want to tag a picture with a person’s name, even if the face can’t be seen. So, it’s not like I can avoid the work altogether, anyway. Part of my workflow … so what. And when I export photos, I tend to remove this kind of metadata. But again, others may appreciate the feature, and anybody’s mileage may vary. My results were refreshing … in an altogether unintended way, I’m guessing.

Unnamed Buckle

Sometimes, a computer’s response to what you ask of it, even when it appears to fail, feels like the observed lack of intelligence is actually the attempt to hide intelligence betrayed by a snotty wittiness … like in this post-modern work of art:

Angel Without a Name

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