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Schotland must join the EU

We need a Euro coin with a unicorn!

You don’t need a case for your iPhone … or maybe you do

Got a new job. Back on the road and guess what, I got a new company phone: My first iPhone.
I have been using a Mac for a while and was aware of Apple always knowing exactly what the user wants, better than he himself at times, and of Apple always doing things in the most naturally intuitive ways, to anybody but IT professionals, maybe. So I was not very surprised, when the printed documentation coming with this iPhone 5 did not much go beyond tuning the device on.
Well, there’s always Google, of course, and I did a lot of reading whenever I felt surprised over being unable to do this or that. So I came across this great plea about how you don’t need a case for your iPhone. I totally share the overall sentiment and was laughing my pants off. I have never owned a case for any phone I have had and have never understood why people e. g. put protective covers over their car seats and drive around with ugly seats for years only to make them look good when they sell the car. I mean, it is all good to be mindful about posterity, but you can overdo it. Unfortunately, no matter how much I enjoy being right and cool, in the case of the case, I have found I do need one to protect about four by four mm of all the iPhone, and that is the glass covering the camera’s lens. After using my HTC for two years and never minding a single scratch on its back from being put down on desks and stuff, I started to wonder why the pictures I was taking now and then were so very crappy. Let’s suffice it to say that when I looked at the lens and imagined having similar scratches on my Zuiko 12-60mm that made the hair on my neck stand up. I regard it as a design flaw to have the lens and back of the phone as one even surface and am a bit disillusioned to see the iPhone be in the same situation, but luckily there are a gazillion of cases for sale.

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