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xvidcap 1.1.7 out now

xvidcap 1.1.7 is finally out. The problems I know about are all either related to libxcb (see “xvidcap hangs on starting a capture session. What can I do about it?” here for some advice) or alsa/alsa-oss problems, so nothing I can mend at this point in time. Apart from that, things should work well.

Find out more at the usual URL.

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dbus finally demystified


It’s been a while since I’ve tried to put dbus support into xvidcap. After nearly despairing at the time I’ve put it on the back burner due to the usual time constraints. Revisiting the issue I’ve come across this great tutorial. Finally somebody has put all the pieces needed together, thanks a million for that.

So, now I have a working xvidcap prototype, you can expect to get remote control functions for keybindings in xvidcap soon.

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xvidcap 1.1.5 released

It’s finally out there. Man, this has come a long way since 1.1.3 and I didn’t always believe I would get to finish another release then.


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