Hi there,

my name’s Karl H. Beckers. I was born in the last century’s early seventies in New York City. Though that at least makes me a U. S. citizen I grew up in what was at the time Western Germany. A trained Historian and Literary Critic I’ve become an IT professional long ago, used to work as a consultant in the Identity Management space for a number of years, and now joined my employer’s software development team for that line of products.

In 2,000 I finally married my girl-friend Monika and we are now mostly proud, sometimes tired parents of a ${currentYear - 2002}-year old daughter.

The little spare time that is left after work and family have staked their claims, is used for development of open source software, such as the screencam software xvidcap or the mobile depth-of-field calculator dofCalc. I also enjoy taking photos, a lot.

For more information take a look at the links filed under “personal”.



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