Lost for Words …

Well, not quite, obviously, or else you wouldn’t be reading this. But really, I’ve hardly ever wanted to post something here so much and at the same time felt it was so hard to even begin finding the right words. So, there has been another shooting at a U. S. school, a primary school at that. It makes me so sad and depressed to have to hear about attacks on U. S. schools over and over again. And I don’t know if it’s a result of being depressed or if it adds to the depression that I see no reason to believe that this time around something is going to change, that steps will finally be taken to protect American kids. Or worse, those people suggesting to arm the teachers might get their way. To somebody having lived in Europe for quite a while, that seems such an absurd and actually heinous suggestion. It is solely aimed at perpetuating the idea that you need guns to protect your own safety, by teaching kids that they can feel safe, because their teachers carry guns — big win for vendors of firearms. I mean, doesn’t the fact that visitors are only admitted to a school after a screening already show that something’s going very wrong? Is this kind of mistrust something we want our kids to grow up with? Is it impossible to go to primary school with the feeling that it is generally possible to have faith in your fellow-men?

And I don’t get how the danger of firearms is denied every single time children are shot. Sure, it is true, not the guns kill, people do. Or, the real problem is the mental condition of somebody entering a school and gunning down innocent kids. But how does that help? I mean, I’d be thrilled to see us seriously try to understand what makes young people desperate and alienated enough to do things like that and help such people before it gets as bad. But unfortunately, I don’t see that ever getting past lamenting a lack of morals and blaming it all on video games. But even if the mental condition is the root cause, should I let that stop me from pursuing a course that I know would at least keep the cause from having as devastating an effect? How can you explain the simple fact away that in a country like Germany with its strict weapon laws each year there are .2 people killed with firearms per 100,000 citizens, whereas in the U. S. it more than 3? It’s the mental condition? Are we saying that among 100,000 Americans there will always be 15 times as many lunatics as among 100,000 Germans? It’s sad enough that in some countries outside the U. S. people would subscribe to that, but seriously, can we please open our eyes?

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