Bush saves the climate

Man, can’t Bush just retire somewhat early?

It’s really bad to my blood pressure, when during the G8 meeting that jerk and his staff smugly hint how Germany’s decision to withdraw from nuclear energy harms the climate. How can that guy who has probably just learned how to spell “carbon dioxide” (if at all), who represents one of the worst polluting countries in the world, which is at the same time among the richtest with a large population and could have played a decisive role in global nature protection for years but has completely failed to rise to that challenge, act so self-righteous?

What’s more, we don’t have an emission problem that forces us to resort to nuclear energy. As the project I introduced in a previous post shows, we only have a problem with our leaders being unwilling to sit together and do what it takes to solve our energy and climate problems. Instead they are all conservative blockheads who protect their own little claims, cling to the seemingly easy way out, and still haven’t understood the difference between protecting their own petty national economies and a global ecology. That’s probably because greenpeace activists play golf so much worse than the average lobbyist for nuclear energy.

And now that Mrs. Merkel, who normally lends an open ear to whatever lobbyist might come along, is finally in a situation that forces her to tackle the real, underlying problem, up comes Georgie and suggests building a few more nuclear power plants. But hey, not if you’re Iran, of course.

How can I explain it to somebody who’s rumored to name “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” as his favourite book? We’re not looking for a solution where after having eradicated all apple trees by eating all apples with seeds, we move over to pears. Esp. not if by eating those pears we’d risk contaminating the world we live in. Let’s try to solve a problem for good for once.

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