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One more Song …

Well we all learned how to use a fork and a knife
How sometimes we have to wear a suit and tie
And understand these things are what give us the right
To go around the world acting superior
We live with missiles and the armaments cache
With rewritten histories and a fictional past
And though some of us still have questions to ask
This ship, she sails without a captain

Goddamn the Master Race that we’re born in
Goddamn the howling wolf that we’re serving
I’ve had it up to here . . .

And the opposition, we ain’t doing so well
Our understanding is weak and our knowledge is small
And though kids scrawl frustration on the back street wall
Most of them can’t even spell bastard

Justin Sullivan, New Model Army, 1986


Old Song sadly still topical

When they look back at us and they write down their history
What will they say about our generation?
We’re the ones who knew everything and still we did nothing
Harvested everything, planted nothing.
Well we live pretty well in the wake of the goldrush
Floating in comfort on waves of our apathy
Quietly gnawing away at Her body
Until we mortgage the future, bury our children
Storehouses full with the fruits we’ve been given
We send off the scrag-ends to suckle the starving
But still we can’t feed this strange hunger inside
Greedy, restless and unsatisfied.

I was never much one for the great “Big Bang” theory
Going out in a blaze of suicidal glory
Not foolish and brave, these leaders of ours
Just stupid and petty, unworthy of power;

Just a little leak here and a small error there
Another square mile poisoned forever
A series of sad and pathetic little fizzles
And out go the lights, never to return.
The affair it is over, the passion is dead
She stares at us now with ice in Her eyes
But we turn away from these bitter reproaches
And take up distractions to forget what we’re doing

Justin Sullivan, New Model Army, 1986

Dunno what better category to put this in. Cannot much think of anything but why 20 years after this was written, discussing politics still makes me feel like that … and what that leads me to extrapolate for the future.


McCain criticizes Obama for speech in Berlin

So Senator McCain is ill pleased with Obama’s speech in Berlin. Small wonder as it has been widely applauded. He too would like, so McCain, to deliver “a speech in Germany … a political speech or a speech that maybe the German people would be interested in”. I’m afraid, I don’t think there’s any way he could. It is not as if Obama had just paid lip service to the people of Germany. He touched some spots that will invariably lead to heated discussions further along the way. But that’s OK, that’s political discourse and very welcome. With everything he said he did, however, bespeak that he, as a future president of the United States, would be acting in a spirit of cooperation with the world at large, not a spirit of domination.
You may argue that that is for greater part a psychological difference, not one of actual policies. Though I could not disprove that I don’t believe so. And it definetely is something the world craves for. Just compare Obama’s visit to the most recent visits of George W. Bush in Germany. Compare how 200,000 people came to see Obama, not only from within Berlin but from all over the country, with how when Bush visited Wiesbaden, whole quarters of the town were blocked to the public to protect Bush — because he was just not welcome. Then go on and compare those visits with those of Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbatchev, J. F. Kennedy, and you will see just what an extraordinary figure George W. Bush really is. I think it should be relevant to every American voter that the future president will be on more friendly terms with the rest of the world than the current one, esp. so if you consider that many of the problems the United States face are not to be solved by any nation of the world alone, but are global issues. I just hope my absentee ballot will arrive in time, so I can do my part.

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