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Beating Intelligent Design at its own game

At a time I much liked to discuss “Intelligent Design” until I learned that the people supporting it are just not interested in discourse but rather, much like Fox Mulder, want to believe no matter what anybody else might say. You can read all of that here. Be sure to follow the link in the first comment, though, to read some of the actual discussion.

Now, a good friend who knows all about that pointed me to a web site I had not been aware of before, though it is not actually new. It is the web site of the “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster“, a parody of “Intelligent Design”. By claiming the right of the church’s doctrine to be taught at school, those folks are exposing how weak the same claim made by the supporters of “Intelligent Design” is, too (unless the Constituion be changed).

This approach is probably far more promising than philosophical discourse alone. As must be expected, the only official responses the original open letter to a Kansas School Board in the process of deciding whether or not to include “Intelligent Design” in the curriculum were sent by members of the board already opposing the inclusion. But there are other notable successes. And the approach is also very entertaining at that. The theory is altogether hilarious, though of course Bobby Henderson is experiencing the same kind of reactions from conservative Christians I have received. But if some people feel threatened by this kind of openess of mind, by this kind of open-ended discourse, then that has nothing to do with the kind of freedom the land of the free is advertising. And if the same people refuse to understand, that it is an even bigger threat to people of different opinions if the former make religion more than a private life matter and try to impose their understanding of what will make one go to Heaven or Hell on the latter, that also reminds me of other countries and/or times, not the land of the free and the 21st century.

I wonder whether I can officially become a pastafarian and send my church taxes over there.

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dbus finally demystified


It’s been a while since I’ve tried to put dbus support into xvidcap. After nearly despairing at the time I’ve put it on the back burner due to the usual time constraints. Revisiting the issue I’ve come across this great tutorial. Finally somebody has put all the pieces needed together, thanks a million for that.

So, now I have a working xvidcap prototype, you can expect to get remote control functions for keybindings in xvidcap soon.

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