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Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) 6.2 on … ubuntu

Among the billion other things I seem to be doing at the moment, I’ve invested some time into installing DSEE 6.2 on my ubuntu (feisty) laptop rather than setting up a vmware image of a supported Linux platform. “6.2”, I hear you say, “hasn’t even been released, yet.” You’re right, but rest assured it will 😉 Also, the stuff I’ve found may well help a 6.1 install, as well. I haven’t tested that, though.

How to do it? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the zip installer from the site once 6.2 becomes available, or try with 6.1.
  2. Install in the documented way. The installation will fail to register the JES mgmt. framework. Apparently there is a problem with <dsee-install-dir>/dsee6/cacao_2/configure . Instead of fixing that, it is very easy to do the following.
  3. Go to <dsee-install-dir>/dsee6/cacao_2/cacao and do this (feel free to use other ports):
    dsee6/cacao_2/cacao$ bin/cacaoadm set-param jmxmp-connector-port=11162
    dsee6/cacao_2/cacao$ bin/cacaoadm set-param snmp-adaptor-port=11160
    dsee6/cacao_2/cacao$ bin/cacaoadm set-param snmp-adaptor-trap-port=11161
    dsee6/cacao_2/cacao$ bin/cacaoadm set-param commandstream-adaptor-port=11163
    dsee6/cacao_2/cacao$ bin/cacaoadm set-param rmi-registry-port=11164
    dsee6/cacao_2/cacao$ bin/cacaoadm set-param secure-webserver-port=11165
    dsee6/cacao_2/cacao$ bin/cacaoadm start
  4. Then go to <dsee-install-dir>/dscc and do:
    bin/dsccsetup dismantle
    bin/dsccsetup initialize
  5. Deploy the dscc war file found under <dsee-install-dir>/var/dscc6/dscc.war to the app server of your choice.
  6. This would allow you to start the dscc web console and do anything that does not need cacao (yummy). To e. g. install a new instance, you also need to give suexec the right permissions:
    $ sudo chown root.root /dsee6/cacao_2/cacao/private/bin/suexec
    $ sudo chmod u+s /dsee6/cacao_2/cacao/private/bin/suexec

That’s it, you’re ready to go.

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