Potsdam replies to Opus Dei’s plans

The letter to Potsdam’s mayor I quoted in my previous post has been replied to. This is a translated excerpt:

I have read your comments and the manuscript of the ZDF broadcast of April 10th 2007, which unfortunately I could not watch, with interest. Regarding this I would like to let you know that the municipality and the majority of the city councillors are watching the order’s endeavour to found a private school, not a state school, in Potsdam with concern. The city council has, for example, charged the mayor with ensuring that there there are no negotiations with the order regarding the surrender of municipal real estate.

Beyond that, however, the city’s means of influence are very limited. Currently the order has submitted an application for the founding of a school with the federal state’s ministry of education. Should this be approved or a lawsuit against a rejection successful and the order possess an adequate realty, there is no way to impede such a school in Potsdam.

At any rate, the city does not financially support this school in any way.

Finally, I would like to let you know that there are more than 40 public schools in Potsdam at which lessons are done according to a binding curriculum. Parents need not worry their children might not be accepted there.

Well, I never worried about the lack of state schools in Potsdam, but that’s a fair enough remark, I suppose. So, it’s the federal state of Brandenburg, then. Let’s see what they have to say about this.

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One thought on “Potsdam replies to Opus Dei’s plans

  1. I am pleased to see that Potsdamn has such foreward looking politices respectivng people who want an educaation for their children. I am particularly pleased to see that people are aware of the dangers of faith-based schools. Recently, in the Republic of Ireland to whom we all have to pay our taxes , the RC Church (which virtually dictates policy in most ministries , especially the Department of Eucation) has denied other religions the right to an Irish education. Matters are even more dismal when one realises that the RC Church ,with public and Irish funding, has come to own practically all the schools in Ireland.

    One can only imagine the fears of those of us who despise racism — however disguised! Maybe German can talk to the Irish or, indeed, to the awful Catholic authorities in Ireland and show them the cosequeces of monopoly religion.

    Seamus Breathnach


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