Responsibility Has No Borders. Vote!

Today’s title was the winning slogan in the DoD’s Federal Voting Assistance Program slogan contest of 2005. Guess what, I just filled out my FPCA Voter’s Registration and Absentee Ballot Request.

In 2000 I (having lived abroad for a very long time) didn’t think it would matter and lateron smacked myself more than once for it. Is it a coincidence the winning slogan to make overseas voters make use of their right comes from Florida?

In 2004 I didn’t think it would matter.

Now, after a couple of days of blogging and blogosphere experience, I am convinced that every single voice counts. This time, I won’t even let myself be warded of by a field in the form where some states may require you to fill in your kind of race. I am not going to miss my chance next year.

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