Today’s Speedblog

Not really up to an elaborate blog, today. I am too busy with researching xvidcap bug #1656899.

Been meaning to comment on the Iraq opinion poll, sponsored by a number of news networks around the world, published today. But perhaps the results speak for themselves. In the light of yesterday’s disappointing participation in the peace movement’s march on the Pentagon, however, they might not. Can’t find the words, today, though. Either it was just too late for me last night, or I’m starting to give up when seeing these pictures every day.

Daily Violence, collapsing civil infrastructure - the people of Iraq are loosing hope

Meantime I can get my own petty frustration from trying to fix bugs in xvidcap. After fighting with #1669717 for quite a while, I’m now on to #1656899. Or like a colleague of mine once put it: “If you’re looking for an unquenchable source of frustration, pick up an IT project.” The bug I’m trying to fix right now has the extra challenge of only occurring on an AMD64 platform which I don’t have readily available. Yesterday morning I started out meaning to compile xvidcap on the sourceforge compile farm only to find out that that service no longer exists. At least I found a similar service in the HP test drive. But then it took me a while to find that the machine I was working on could not get to other machines (which is true for all machines in the test drive farm) but also could not be reached via scp (due to restrictive firewalls) and ftp was disabled in xinetd.d. So, after a few hours I found that the machine was unusable because there was no way to get xvidcap installed (or even copied) there. Then I found a SLES 10 machine and after compiling a number of software packages, I’m almost ready to compile xvidcap … a typical case of “Lemme just try this out real quick.”

Life’s not just frustrating, though, if you can watch a 20 years of The Simpsons anniversary show featuring The Simpsons in New York (which I hadn’t know before) and my personal favourite “The Springfield Files” as the great X-Files fan I was at the time.

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